First Class Sleeper Trains in Thailand

If you want to travel in Thailand, the train is surely the cheapest means of transportation. The country’s railway network covers about 4.000 km and there are different levels of comfort to choose from, according to the train type. First, second, third class and rapid, fast, express and special express trains. And, of course, you can choose to travel during the day or during the night. If you want to consult the timetables, check here.

Whether for a first class or a second class train and for the same booking request, we always regroup the passengers for train travel.

If you decided to travel during the night and you would like a berth, you will have the choice between the first and the second class.


What are the first class sleeper trains in Thailand like?

In the first class cars, you will find private cabins for one or two persons.

There is adjustable air-conditioning, a sink, a mirror, a small table and a big seat that converts to a berth in each cabin. At the end of the car you will find a shower cabin. A steward or a hostess will pass to take your meal/drink order should you need them. They will also offer you several meal choices as well as different breakfast choices, Thai or western type. Surely, you can eat either in your cabin or go to the restaurant-car.

On the main lines such as Bangkok – Nong Khai or Bangkok – Surat Thani – Hat Yai, the cabins are double. If you travel in a group of 4, for example, you can book 2 adjacent cabins that have a connecting door (be fast, they are rare and in high demand).

The only exceptions: the night train No. 13 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and the night train No. 14 from Chiang Mai to Bangkok that have private individual cabins connected in pairs of two by a door.  This will allow you to “link” your cabin to that of your travel companions, so that you can travel together.

Further information

  • In all types of trains, the first class cabins, whether simple (single-berth) or double (2 berths), are adjacent and connected.
  • For children aged less than 3 years old and measuring less than 1 meter height, the trip is free.
  • If you travel in a group of three, 2 adults and 1 child aged above 3 years old, in general you have to book 2 adjacent cabins.
    This is in respect to trains equipped with first class double private cabins, knowing that the 4th berth could be booked by a stranger (which is not allowed by the train company).
  • For the trains equipped with first class simple cabins (train No. 13), you should book 3 adjacent cabins.

Useful Tips

The trains include only a limited number of first class cabins. For example, in the train No.13 Bangkok – Chiang Mai, you will find only 10 simple cabins. In other trains you will only have 12, maybe 14 double cabins.

In August, a peak tourist season, the availabilities limited. Think about booking your ticket well in advance if you wish to travel in the first class trains. So book as early as possible.

Travelling is about having a pleasant journey. The choice of the means of transportation is surely important and must be made according to your wishes and preferences.  The first class sleepers will give you the much needed comfort and privacy during your trip.


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