Don Muang Airport to Bangkok

Don Muang Airport is the oldest airport in Thailand, having been officially opened for the first time in 1914, then the government decided to replace it with the Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2006. It was reopened in 2007 and serves mainly as a terminal for inbound flights, though it also has a terminal for irregular international flights. Keep in mind that if you wish to fly around in Thailand,  all the low cost companies have relocated at this hub.

Don Muang transfers are easy, though you won’t find a dedicated train line to connect you to the main airport or to the city centre, such as the Airport Link. Nevertheless, there are the well-known taxis, buses and commuter trains, thus you will have no issues getting around Bangkok.

Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi Transfers

There is a bus shuttle providing free transportation between the two airports and has daily departures from 5 a.m. until midnight, every hour. The bus leaving at 00:00 a.m. has departures from both airports.  If you’re on Suvarnabhumi, the departures are from the Gate 3 (arrivals hall). If you’re on Don Muang, you can take the bus shuttle outside the arrivals halls. You may be required to show your flight booking in order to get onboard.

There is also a public bus (No. 555) running between the two airports with departures from 4 a.m. to 23:00, it will have about 5 stops and the ride will usually take one hour.

During the night, when neither of the above options are available, you always have taxis at hand. Do not forget to tell the taxi drivers that you want the meter on during the ride.

Don Muang Airport to Bangkok City

Several options are available for all travellers and budgets and they include private transfers, taxis, public trains and buses.

Taxis are not that expensive and they are the best way to go to Bangkok – you can take the taxi to the Mo Chit Terminal, where you will have a subway connection to get you further to your destination in the city. You will have to pay the 50 THB airport fee and all toll roads fees, beside the ride fare which shouldn’t exceed 100 THB roughly (with the meter on).

For those who have more time or wish to experience the Thai way of travelling right from the start, there are trains and buses just across the airport road. The fares will be up to 30 THB, depending on your final station. Although they run slowly and sometimes you can find yourself waiting for quite some time due to delays, it’s a nice introduction in the authentic Thai culture. There are two 24/7 buses linking Don Muang Airport to Bangkok City, one taking you directly to Hualamphong Train Station and one to Bang Khae (and some even to Khao San Road, you just need to ask before getting on the bus).

Apart from the local trains and buses, you have two airport buses, A1 and A2, from 8:30 to 23:30. The first, A1, takes you to Mochit BTS/Northeastern Bus Terminal and you’ll be spending about one hour in the bus. The A2 takes you further to the Victory Monument and has several stops on the way including Mochit BTS, which is why the ride will last about 80 minutes.

 Other useful information

The Don Mueang International Airport (code AITA DMK) is the ancient international Bangkok airport before Suvarnabhumi…Don Mueang Airport.

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