Buying a Train Ticket in Thailand

 The train is definitely the most pleasant way of travelling in Thailand and of seeing its virgin landscapes.

If you want to buy a train ticket in Thailand, you have two options:

First option – Buy it yourself

Although the majority of advice found on the internet recommend it, there are some serious constraints to take into account:

  • Firstly, to make sure you arrive at the train station 30 minutes before the departure time in order to avoid all stress and annoyances. You should take into account the distance between your place and the train station but also the means of transport you must use to reach the station. Don’t forget about the peak hours and the well-known Bangkok traffic jams.
  • Secondly, even more inconvenient, is in regard to the period you wish to travel in Thailand. Be careful of the national public holidays (13 days of the year), during which it is often impossible to find a seat on a train, including the previous days or even weeks before that date.

Second option – We help you book your ticket.We make all the necessary arrangements for you!

During holidays, it’s not always easy to take time to carry out such tasks. One must go to the train station, use the public transport, wait in line at the ticket office, going back to the hotel…This can turn out to be tedious and energy consuming.  Get the most out of your holidays and let us solve this problem – book a train ticket with us.

Why travel by train? Save money, travel comfortable and have fun!

Most of the tourist destinations are found at a fair distance from Bangkok. For example, Chiang Mai, one of the most visited cities in Thailand is located at 800 km from the capital. The same goes for Phuket, Koh Samui or Koh Lanta, some of the main popular tourist attractions.

Taking a trip by bus for long distances is relatively tiresome and simply not comfortable enough. You will be sitting and you cannot move around to stretch your legs. If the trip lasts, as it is usually the case, 10, 12 or even 15 hours, you can easily grasp the deriving problems. In what concerns the sleeping during nighttime trips, it is not that easy either, even in VIP buses. The seat reclines a little bit in the VIP bus, but not enough and it will never be as comfortable as a berth. Besides, the combination train-boat tickets is the best solution to go to Koh Samui, for example, or train-bus tickets for going to Khrabi or Phuket.

Immerse in the “real Thailand”

Taking the train is also a good way to immerse in the culture and in the reality of nowadays Thailand. The trip might turn out to be very friendly – you will definitely meet Thais who are really fond of travelling by train and, should you wish, you can talk a bit with them. You’ll see them in their daily real lives – eating, drinking, talking, smiling, maybe even singing…
The very process of converting your “seat” to a “berth” is worthy enough for taking the train at least once! 
Let alone the landscapes parading in front of your eyes, feeling the atmosphere of a train station, appreciating the small countryside train stations with their vibrant colors and their flowery hills. Without forgetting the solemnity of the stationmaster with his whistle and his flag.


Buying a train ticket in Thailand

What services?

The trains in Thailand offer three classes.

  • The 1st class:
    Providing air-conditioning, it only concerns the night trains. The sleeper cars are air-conditioned, modern and include a washbasin. Sheets, blankets, towels and soap are provided. Solitary passengers share their cabins with another same-sex person, unless…they book the 2 berths.
  • The 2nd class:
    Used by the majority of western tourists, it concerns three types of trains. The night trains with sleepers and air-conditioning, the Special Express or DRC (Diesel Rail Car) and the Ordinary Express trains – these last two providing only seats with fan-cooling (no air-conditioning).
  • The 3rd class:
    Without air-conditioning, except for certain “long distance” routes, it remains a pleasant way to go on short distance trips. As a rule, the seats are padded, but there are still 3rd class trains with wooden seats. The main advantage of this class: the rates, the friendliness and the unique experience of travelling windows wide open…


Where to buy a train ticket in Thailand?

You can easily buy train tickets in all the train stations around the country.  A computerized system has been implemented. 
All the intercity express trains require previous booking, either the same day (advised against during peak tourism times such as Songkran), either a maximum of 60 days before your travel date. For local 3rd class trains (Bangkok > Ayutthaya or Bangkok > Kanchanaburi, for example) the booking is not mandatory.

Buying a train ticket at the Hualomphong train station in Bangkok

The main train station, Hualomphong, provides a well organised ticket-sales service in the main aisle. The 15-22 offices are open between 08:30 and 16:00 and are intended for in-advance bookings (for the departures starting the next day). The other counters are available for those who want to buy a ticket for the same day. In any case, you will receive a ticket with the following information: the departure date, the train number, the departure time, you train car  and seat number and also the amount you paid for the ticket.