Brand new rail cars for 4 trains departing from Bangkok

nouveaux-wagon-train-thailande-01The State Railways of Thailand has announced the establishment of new rail cars to trains departing from the capital, on 4 main roads.

As early as this November 11th 2016, these rail cars will be put in place in the lines of Bangkok – Chiang Mai and Bangkok – Ubon Ratchani (Issan region). It should be noted that these cars will be servicing both directions.

Later on this year, on December 2nd, these new rail cars will be added to the lines in the direction of Hat Yai and Nong Khai.
Current prices and times of departure will not change during the first 3 months.
Trains will carry a new number, but the line itself will not change.

For schedules and rates, please feel free to check this page.

As of November 11th 2016, Bangkok – Chiang Mai will go from Number 1 to Number 9.
As of November 11th 2016, Chiang Mai – Bangkok will go from Number 2 to Number 10.
As of December 2nd 2016, Bangkok – Ubon Ratchatani will go from Number 23 to Number 24.

nouveaux-wagon-train-thailande-04Departure from Bangkok at 9:30PM and arrival at Ubon at 6:35AM.
For returns, Departure is at 8:00PM and arrival at 5:15AM.

An excellent reason to enjoy the perks of Thailand’s train is to discover sumptuous landscapes while crossing the country, all in the comfort of brand new rail cars! Wait no longer, book now by clicking here.

* Important: No need to change your tickets, the only thing changing is the Number of the train!

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