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Our affiliate program is available for everyone. Whether you have a blog, Facebook/Twitter or any other social media accounts, even just a simple e-mail address, you can earn a commission on every sale made through your personal affiliate link.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You register with us as an affiliate partner by filling the registration form.

We then send you your personal affiliate link containing your unique code.

Every time someone clicks on the link we provided you with, a cookie (text file) will be placed in the visitor’s browser. This cookie contains your affiliate unique code and we will be able to track it for 90 days from the moment a visitor has clicked on your link. This means that even if there’s no immediate sale, if the customer comes back later via your link, you can still earn your commission.

We will also provide you with all the graphical and technical support required to execute the above mentioned. We will make available to you both graphic and textual (“Link”) for display. You will have our full support in order to optimize your affiliate website/links.


Our commission formula

The commission for each sale is initially 10% for a sale. Depending on the number of visitors sent from your website who finalize a sale, the percentage of the commission will be as shown below:

Number of Sales Commission
1- 10 10%
11 – 19 11%
20 – 39 12%
40 – 79 13%
80 – 159 14%
160 – 319 15%
321 – 499 16%
500+ 20%

Why should you become our affiliate partner?

  • Earn money by simply promoting our service – either on your blog or on your social media network.
  • The affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days, so increased chances for later conversions.
  • Have a constant source of revenue.
  • It’s free, there’s no registration fee or other costs. You don’t work to pay us fees, you work for yourself only.
  • Free banners, images or any other media support needed to promote our service on your website.
  • We are professionals and we take pride in being a trusted partner, whether for our affiliates or our clients.